So that we can talk the same language lets define some terms.

Coming out:  When someone reveals their orientation to someone else
this is called 'coming out'.  It is short for 'coming out of the closet'.

Ex-gay:  These folks claim to have gone from gay to straight usually
through some sort of ministry and therapy.

Ex-gay ministry:   This is a ministry devoted to bringing about change in
orientation for those who are unhappy in their orientation. Examples would
be Exodus, Narth, One by One Ministries.  These usually use some form of
psychotherapy called reparative therapy.  Reparative therapy is NOT
recognized as valid by any professional mental health organizations.

Lgbt or glbt:  refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender .  This is
a more acceptable term to use than the term ‘homosexual’

Mixed orientation marriage:  This is a heterosexual marriage in which
one of the persons is gay.

Safe Harbor:   A Christian fellowship full of God's grace  where people can
grow in Christ.  For lgbt individuals it would be a place where they can work
out their life in Christ just like all other Christians do without being
condemned while they do it.

Defining the Sides..

Side A:  These folks believe that same sex attracted individuals can have a
sexual relationship together.. Similar to some straight Christian folks, some
believe in waiting until marriage or a committed relationship for sexual
relationships .. others do not.

Side B:  These folks believe you can embrace same sex attraction and /or
gay identity but do not believe that same sex sexual relationships honor
God.  Lgbt individuals who believe this either live a celibate life or have a
heterosexual marriage (sometimes called a mixed orientation marriage).  
They also may have a committed same-sex relationship but not have sex.

Side C: These folks are either not sure what they believe about Side A or
Side B or they are unwillingly to say what they believe for whatever reasons.

Side X:  These folks do not embrace same sex attractions and thus they
seek to change their orientation.  They typically believe that their same sex
attractions are tied to am emotional disconnect with one of their parents.  
Many also report they were sexually abused at an early age sometimes by
a same-sex individual.   As stated before there are heterosexuals that have
experienced these same types of things but it did not create same-sex
attractions.  So this may be unique to certain people.

For a pictorial depiction of the sides go to this page