Exgay Ministries
       Exgay Ministries - Problems I have with them..

As I said in my first page I have several problems with the institution of
exgay ministries. Here are some of my concerns...

  • The reparative therapy they practice is not recognized by any
    professional health care organization.

  • Reparative therapy is a human invention.  It does not have a biblical

  • I do not agree with the idea that same sex attraction is sinful in and
    of itself.  Because exgay ministries often view it this way, it can lead
    to self loathing when an individual who is honestly trying to change
    their attractions is unable to do so.

  •  I have seen too many testimonies of people who have been harmed
    spiritually, emotionally and financially by exgay ministries.  You can
    read about them here and here.  

  •  Exgay ministries are too involved with anti gay politics.  This is
    inconsistence with being a ‘recovery” ministry.   I would refer you to a
    position AA takes in terms of politics or controversies.  They state:  
    “A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization
    or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither
    endorses nor opposes any causes”  (See AA brochure page 2 at this
    web site.)                                                                                              
    They do this because their whole world, their whole ministry is
    helping alcoholics.  They do not allow anything to come in that would
    drive people away or interfere with their ministry.    So if exgay
    ministries are “recovery” ministries they sure don’t act like people in
    "recovery"  (I put recovery in quotes because I am not sure it is the
    best word to use.)  People in Al Anon or other recovery groups do
    not usually push for laws that work against others who have not  
    entered recovery.  This is harmful to our mission as Christians to
    reach others for Christ.

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