GCN 2011 Conference Workshop Notes and Handouts
                                   and Responses


This page contain links for downloading notes and handouts from the
conference.  A big thank you to all who attended.

The workshop description page can be downloaded

Much of what I said in my introduction and my beliefs can be found
and also on my profile on GCN (

The parable I used will be here once I clean up my notes a bit.  (Check
back later)

Below is the list of some fears and concerns that we thought straight
parents / siblings might have when their loved one comes out .. (Click on
picture to download)

Below is the list of some fears and concerns that you shared in coming out.
(Click on picture to download)

In addition to the above some of the folks from the Side B forum had
shared some of their frustrations that they have in this.  This was from a
thread I started in the Side B Forum prior to the conference and can be

Here is the paper on resources that I thought would be helpful to your
parents particularly if they are conservative.  (Note: You might also consider
directing your parents (siblings) to
this web page that I have for them.)

In addition I shared some notes from a conversation with some straight
folks I have spoken with.  They are speaking out of their own personal
experience from their loved one coming out to them.   Obviously you would
want to include other important points.  But  I include these as a source of
encouragement to you .. giving you a view from the other side of this.  
These notes can be found
here and here (they are slightly modified from
the conference version).

And here are some documents I had at the conference that we did
not totally discuss during the workshop...

--Methods of Communication (derived from Bridges Across web site)

--Matt's (Romans 6)
post on Side A Side B differences (used with
permission ... Thank you Matt)

--Wesleyean Understanding of Sin

--For a fuller version of the above document click here

Please check back later for the one document I have not uploaded yet ..
God bless..
Coming Out for Christians