Holiness .. a Short Discussion

Here is a quick description of holiness from a Wesleyean perspective.

Holiness means "set apart".  In this case we are
set apart by God to serve
Him and be part of His family.  Another word we use for this is the word
'sanctify'.  If you are sanctified you are
set apart or made holy.  When a
person puts their faith in Christ they are initially
set apart by God and
become part of his family.

To put your faith in Christ means more than just believing that He existed.  It
means trusting that He is who he says He is.  This includes trusting Him and
following Him and making Him the boss of your life. When we do this He
makes us holy or
set apart for Him.  As we continue in the Christian faith we
grow in our knowledge of Him and in what it means to have him be our boss
or leader.  There are many moments in our journey when we need to make a
decision all over again whether we will submit to his leadership in our lives.  
For many there is a point in their life when they make a once for all
decision.  We who are Nazarene call this moment '
entire sanctification'.  
The name is confusing to some because they think it means that they are
done growing in Christ but this is not the case.  They must continue to grow
in Christ, submitting to Him daily.  Therefore anyone who is a Christian is
both holy and is being made holy by God.  This applies to all Christians
everywhere from wherever they come to Christ in their life journey.

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