Personal Testimony on God's call in my life in this area...

People have asked me:  How is it that you are ministering in this area?

The short answer is:  Because of God’s call in my life.

For the long answer see below..

Well that is a long story… a story that began several years ago as far
back as late Fall of 2005.  At that time I sensed God’s direction in two
areas.. one was toward inner city ministry (which is a whole other story
still being written) and the other was toward the gay and lesbian
community.  God gave me very little to go on other than an initial
inspiration and direction to have a booth at a local Pridefest event.  At
the time I knew very little about gay and lesbian people though God had
been softening my heart in this area for many years.  Since I was pretty
much clueless in this area I took some time to study and understand
what was going on.  There are times I really wish that God would lay out
the whole script but I have found that other than unctioning me in a
particular direction, He tends to quietly lead as I step out in faith and
obedience to Him.  

So my studying included going to a Love Won Out seminar (though I
initially liked what I saw there I have since come to a different conclusion
about orientation change ministries  see
link ). And my wife and I visited
a Pridefest event for the first time just to see what it was about.  The
people were fine but I found the street preaching around the event very
offensive and not at all the way I believed Jesus wanted to be
represented.  I shared video of these street preachers with some of the
groups I lead who were equally offended by what they saw.  I spent
about a year doing some research and praying to better understand
what God expected of me.  

So the next year, 2007, my wife and I did set up a booth at the event.  
This would be the first time we would ever (knowingly) talk to lgbt
individuals.  We had helpful material to hand out  (ie living will info,
designated health care spokesperson info) along with a survey to help
gain a better understanding of the gay and lesbian community.  The
results of the survey can be found
here.   We actually had a wonderful
time dialoging with many who came to our booth.  At the same time it
turned out to be quite a culture shock to us.  Re:   ‘Hmmm .. Gee Lord
these folks seem pretty cool.  What is going on here?  This is not what
we expected.’  So this led to further questioning.  

Ever since I had been at the Pridefest event, and perhaps even before,
communication and dialog were some of the big needs I was seeing.  
As a minister trained in, among other things, being
missional (ie. being
able to relate to other cultures with the message of Christ) I could see
how there was much miscommunication and misunderstanding. There
was a need to find ways to agree to disagree on some issues and
come together on the many issues we could agree on.

We subsequently visited an MCC church and once again were
surprised by what we found.  They seemed to have a pretty normal
worship service with the typical songs and message and communion.  
And they were a very friendly congregation.  So this meant even more
questions for God.

In the process of my research I was still somewhat
exgay  in my thinking
and it would take a while before my view changed in that area (more like
a full 180 degree turn.. see
here).  In the meantime I found a really great
website and forum called
Bridges Across in February of 2008.  This
multi-faith multi-worldview website put into words what I was looking for
in terms of communication.  They introduced me to the
Side A /  Side B
terminology and various methods (
Method D / Method E) of
communication.  Their purpose was and is:

“A cyberspace initiative providing models and resources for building
respectful relationships among those who disagree about  moral
issues surrounding  homosexuality, bisexuality and gender variance.”

My understanding grew in leaps and bounds on this website because
people could freely talk about differences of viewpoint without getting
mad at each other.  They could agree to disagree and still be friends.  In
other words they were able to practice true tolerance which involves love
and respect as well as being honest about one’s position on issues.
I learned about
GCN from their website and eventually joined in April of
2008.  Again my understanding of the concerns and journeys of gay and
lesbian people abounded.  This website also utilized the
Side A / Side
B terminology and prominently displayed both theological viewpoints
under a section titled ‘
The Great Debate'.  I hadn’t really heard of Side B
celibate support until I came to
GCN.  Over time I have formed some
unique friendships with some of the
Side A members on the forum (and
Side B folks as well).  In the process God has continued to mold
and shape the ministry he has called me to.  

My beliefs in this area and my philosophy of ministry …

What I believe about....

-Sexual orientation..

Sexual orientation is real (not a choice) and is most likely the result of a
complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors as
APA states.  

-The Sides...

While I appreciate the terminology of the Sides I think they are, at times,
inadequate in terms of labeling an individual’s beliefs.

Labels serve to pigeon hole people into certain stereotypes.  My focus
is more on the concept of journey and letting / helping people find their
way.  An atmosphere that allows this is sadly absent in most of our
churches. I believe we need to work to establish
safe harbor so that
people can grow in Christ without  the distraction of being mistreated,
made fun of, or being constantly condemned.  Having said that,
theologically, I am
Side B with a bit of a twist.  The twist is that I do not
view Christians who are in
Side A relationships as condemned or lost.  
Instead I view them as folks who are journeying in Christ just as I am  

I don’t define sin the way many other folks do.  Sin, in my Wesleyan
theology, is a willful violation of a known law of God (see this
link for
more).  If a person believes that God has revealed something to them in
His Word or otherwise and they fail to follow it then they are sinning and
need to repent.  I have been around folks who are
Side A / Side B long
enough to see that they are sincerely following their beliefs about what
sin is and isn’t.  And I can certainly understand
Side A theology even if I
don’t follow it to the same conclusion that others do.  (Note: I give a brief
overview of Side A Side B theology
here.) So I leave these things to
God.  He knows people's hearts.  This is my methodology with all the
people God may put in my path.

My understanding of what sin is applies to ALL areas of life not just the
Side A / Side B question. This is about how God looks at our lives as
followers of Christ.  Each one of us walks in the light that Christ has
shown us.  I believe He holds us accountable for what we know and are
personally convicted of. This is a gracious theology that moves us away
from judgmentalism where we judge someone according to what God
has revealed to us and instead leaves judgment to God who knows our
hearts.  See
Romans 14:4-5, and I John 3:21.

Now of course if we know what God wants and go against that, then that
is a bad idea no matter what the issue or the Side you are on.  The call
of a Christian is for the Christian to love the Lord their God with all their
heart, mind, soul, and strength and to seek to follow Him according to
what they know living in total submission to His revealed will.


I believe ALL Christians are both holy and being made holy regardless
of whether they are gay, straight,
Side A or Side B. (Hebrews 10:10,14)  
There have been a lot of goofy statements about holiness coming out of
exgay movement which I reject.  One such statement is:  “The
opposite of homosexuality is holiness.”
 This statement is problematic
as it implies that gay people cannot be holy.  But holiness comes from
Christ not from our sexual orientation.  It would be equally ridiculous to
say that the opposite of heterosexuality is holiness.  Holiness is being
like Christ.  It is pursued through consecrating ourselves completely to
God, submitting to His will as He reveals it to us.  It is independent of
orientation.  For more on holiness see this
page and its links.

-Exgay ministries..

I reject exgay ministries for a multitude of reasons some of which can be
found on this


....My philosophy of ministry..

-Very simply, my philosophy of ministry is that people may know Christ
and grow in Christ.  Everything else is secondary.  This is what I should
facilitate as a minister of the gospel.. calling people to Christ .. calling
people to holiness.

My role as pastor is to shepherd people along in their understanding of
Christ and their journey in Christ.  As such, I meet people where they are
in their faith journey.  I do not try to hit people over the head with my 'rule
book'.  I think that would be rather offensive and just plain wrong
because, again, I do not know where God is convicting the individual or
what God has revealed to them.  Not only that, but it is always possible
that I am the one that is wrong.  

Growing in Christ is a long process with many, many, issues, challenges
and questions.  The
Side A  / Side B question is but one of hundreds
perhaps thousands of questions that a Christian will need to seek
discernment on.  The Holy Spirit illuminates and directs each individual
in their journey according to God’s will.  So I look for where God is
moving in a person's life and seek to get in step with that.  This is the
come alongside ministry of Jesus that I seek to imitate.  This applies
whether you are gay or straight,
Side A or Side B.

...So what is God directing me to do?  What is my passion??

-Being a witness for Christ:  Jesus is the way the truth and the life.  He
has commissioned us to share His gospel everywhere we go.  (J
ohn 14:
6 and Matthew 28:19)

Pastoral care:  This involves coming alongside of people gay or
straight wherever they are at in their journey.  This may involve
encouragement, prayer, bible study or any number of things.

Helping families and individuals in the coming out process:  This is one
of the main purposes of this website .. to help both parties involved to
be able to respect one another and love each other even with

Creating and facilitating safe harbor:  Gay and lesbian folks need to
have safe places where they can grow in Christ just like everyone else
and not be condemned while they do.

Bridging across the divide : Finding ways to agree to disagree while
still building each other up in Christ.  

Education:  Helping my straight Christian friends to understand gay and
lesbian people and their unique journey.  

Ultimately this is all in service to Christ to advance His Kingdom.  To
God be the glory.   Amen